A Chamber Pianist and Presenter

Manuel Gimferrer started his piano studies in Barcelona at 6 years old (2002), and in 2014, he graduated in Madrid at Conservatorio Profesional de Música Adolfo Salazar. He was then awarded a Presidential Scholarship at Ithaca College (New York), where he received High Degree in Piano Performance with two minors -Music Theory and Art History- (2014-2018). Since his teenage years up until now Manuel has been introducing his performances, most often accompanying them with projections. Since he came back to Madrid, and despite the difficulties caused by the COVID pandemic, Manuel has never stopped collaborating with other musicians, a practice he very much enjoys. Moreover, he has never missed the opportunity to play for small audiences in his studio and in other music settings suitable for chamber music, since he has preference for building long lasting unique experiences with listeners...
Manuel has received the advice of great piano teachers and you can find out more in the link below.

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A conductor looking for opportunities

Manuel Gimferrer has been dreaming of conducting an orchestra since he was a toddler when he used to play of being a musician while watching videos with his family. During his piano studies in Madrid he started attending summer masterclasses as a listener, and he never lost his very special connection with orchestras and great historical conductors he deeply admired. After graduating at Ithaca College, he was invited to study with maestro Mark Shapiro in New York City, where he attended the Juilliard Evening Division courses (2018-19) while assisting maestro Shapiro with two choirs. Back in Madrid, the COVID Pandemic forced a change of plans, but Manuel did not give up on his calling. He re-connected with Maestro Clemente in Portugal and graduated at the Academia Orquesta Costa Atlántica (2022-23). In June 2024 he is receiving his Master degree in Conducting at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) under the guidance of Maestro Pascual Osa. In 2024 Manuel is happy to share that he will keep working with Meastro Osa and the Orquesta y Coro Filarmonía de Madrid.    
Manuel feels honored to have received the advice of great Maestros, and you can find out more in the link below.

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